About This Site

About This Site

This site originally began as a Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon fansite in December of 1996. Over the years it has evolved so much that none of its first visitors would recognize it today. The original site was hosted by America Online, and was little more than an endless single page of text and images. In the fanfiction I was working on at the time, the main character, "Dejana," lived in a secret hideaway that I called Starlight Palace. So, for my first website, I chose the title "Princess Dejana's Starlight Palace."

Starlight Palace soon grew to include all the usual Sailormoon fansite stuff: fanfiction, images, information, etc. Eventually, I wanted to include other fandoms aside from Sailormoon. I changed the layout of the Sailormoon site and renamed it "Midnight in the Moon Garden." That site became a subsite of Dejana's Starlight Palace 2.0, which would include fanstuff about other things I was interested in. Or so I thought.

I have always had a problem finishing projects; I tend to get distracted by other plans. There were lots of things I wanted to add to Starlight Palace, and I wanted to make them all as developed as my Sailormoon area, Midnight in the Moon Garden. Unfortunately, after a while I had to face the fact that that was never going to happen. I was in college and had little time for website maintenance. In addition, there were a million fansites out there about any topic you might care to name. Anything I could do, someone else could do better. So, I decided to remake Starlight Palace into a site mainly for my own creations: My writing, artwork, videos, and other things I was making. It was a difficult decision. Starlight Palace had been born as a fansite and to follow that path would mean getting rid of a lot of stuff that had been part of the site since it was created. However, I believed it would be best to cut back.

That decision led to Starlight Palace 3.0, activated in March of 2001. It still included material from the Sailormoon area of my old site, but only the stuff that I personally created, such as fanfics and fanart. This went well for a while, as I hardly ever had to update anything, but personal sites are not much of a draw. I wasn't producing enough new work to keep visitors interested in Starlight Palace. In addition, when I looked at the gorgeous layouts on many of the excellent fansites out there, I felt that my web design skills were growing rusty, and I missed the fun of fansite creation. I was inspired to once again remake Starlight Palace.

Version 4.0 was activated on March 17, 2003. It was my first attempt at a full-graphics layout involving fancy images and code. At the same time, I was basically returning to the concept of Starlight Palace 2.0, which was to use DSP as a home base for developed sites on different topics. Unfortunately, I still didn't have the time for that kind of thing. Before I knew it, I had graduated from college, and the server my sites were hosted on was taken offline. On the positive side, I was finally making enough money to purchase my own domain name and webserver, which had been a long-time dream, and DSP became independent.

Since then, the site has undergone two revisions. I have added a few subsites and a large amount of additional material, but dejanatalis.net still has a lot of untapped potential. The hobby of making personal fansites seems to be in decline, so I would like to do my part in bringing it back again someday. For the time being, this is still largely a personal site. In late December of 2008, I redesigned dejanatalis.net into its present incarnation, version 6.0, which I hope will be easier on the eye and more pleasant for visitors to explore. My goal is to keep this site updated more regularly from now on.

The design of Starlight Palace 6.0 uses lyrics from the song "Starlight" by Muse.

About Dejana

As you may have guessed, Dejana Talis isn't my real name, but I prefer it to the real one. ;P I joined the online community in September of 1996 and started making websites around December of that year. dejanatalis.net exists to serve and showcase my interests, which include anime, fantasy, sci-fi, reading, drawing, and writing. I hope to someday become a published novelist. Aside from this site, I also build and maintain dotmoon.net and moonromance.net.

In real life, I graduated from the College of St. Scholastica in December of 2003 with a degree in computer technology. After graduation, I was hired by a large corporation and have been working there since January of 2004. I enjoy traveling to fan-based conventions around the U.S.

If you want to get to know me, I'm often to be found on the message boards at dotmoon.net.

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