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Cold Hearts

Video: Cowboy Bebop
Audio: "Cold" by Crossfade (Acoustic)
Completed: August 2008

Download: AVI file
Size: 66.5 MB

I don't actually ship Spike/Faye, but "Cold" fits the hypothetical pairing so well that I had to put this together. This is another idea I had for a long time, but it took me ages to find the song. The regular version wouldn't have worked as well. It's a simple video without a lot of splash and sparkle, but I'm fine with it that way.

I Still Do

Video: Sailormoon
Audio: "I Still Do" by the Cranberries
Completed: October 28, 2007

Download: AVI file
Size: 66.1 MB

This is a very basic video, made to celebrate the completion of my epic fanfiction "Against All Odds." It features footage from the Silver Millennium flashbacks in the anime, as well as some scanned images from the manga. A smaller Windows Media format file is available on the AAO website.

The Bad Crack

Video: Azumanga Daioh
Audio: "We Are All On Drugs" by Weezer
Completed: August 1, 2007

Download: AVI file
Size: 78.5 MB

Ever since I first heard this song I couldn't stop connecting it with Azumanga Daioh. It was a video that begged to be made. It's my first comedy and my first attempt at some fancy effects. I tried a lot of new techniques for the first time with this one, and although it's still not top-quality, it's worlds better than any of my previous videos. I'm very pleased with it.

This video won Best Comedy and Best In Show at AnimeIowa 2007.

Run Vash Run!

Video: Trigun
Audio: "American Money" from the Cowboy Bebop OST
Completed: March 16, 2006

Download: MPEG-1 file
Size: 15.3 MB

This was kind of a rush job, and my shortest video yet at just over a minute long, but I really like it. It was nice to do something short and fast for a change. This video features Vash the Stampede doing what he does best - running away from people.

Without You:
Usagi and Mamoru

Video: Sailormoon R
Audio: "Incomplete"
by the Backstreet Boys
Completed: September 6, 2005

Download: MPEG-1 file
Size: 52.7 MB

This is my fourth music video, finally complete. It's a Sailormoon music video about the, erhm, R-season breakup between Mamoru and Usagi. Yes, the most overused plot arc of all time. But at least it's not a fanfic. ^_~

The Wings of Love:
Van and Hitomi

Video: Vision of Escaflowne
Audio: "Angel" by Aerosmith
Completed: November 10, 2004

Download: MPEG-1 file
Size: 66.1 MB

This is a romance video featuring Van and Hitomi, using the TV series version of Escaflowne. It was my first romance video, as well as my first AMV using all-DVD footage and my first attempt at using Pinnacle for an AMV (although I had so many problems I ended up doing some of it with Ulead anyway). I had this idea back when I first started making AMVs, but I couldn't make the video until I had collected all the DVDs. :)

All Puffed Up:

Video: The Powerpuff Girls
Audio: "Mama Said Knock You Out"
by LL Cool J
Completed: February 28, 2003

Download: MPEG-1 file
Size: 65.5 MB

DISCLAIMER: ALL FOOTAGE USED IN THIS VIDEO WAS TAKEN FROM TELEVISED PPG EPISODES. This means the Cartoon Network logo appears in the bottom-right corner of the entire video. By using TV footage I was able to use scenes from any episode I wanted, rather than being limited to the dozen or so episodes that were available for purchase at the time. I've since bought the official DVDs, but I no longer have the software and source files I used to make this video.

This is a fight video showing the Powerpuff Girls beating up various bad guys. At the time that I started this video, the only PPG vids I'd seen were character profiles or similar probes into the life and personalities of the Girls. I wanted to make a video showing them as the butt-kicking superheroines they are! The subtitle comes from the fact that the Powerpuff Girls were originally called the Whoopass Girls. Really. If you don't believe me, check out a good fansite.

Avada Kedavra:
The Anguish of the Survivors

Video: Various Anime
Audio: "Gone Away" by Offspring
Completed: January 25, 2002
Revised: April 13, 2006

Download: MPEG-1 file
Size: 57.0 MB

This was my first-ever MPEG music video, and my second full-length video overall. I had lots of ideas, but by total coincidence my first project happened to be the death video. Actually, this video doesn't really focus on the actual death scenes, but on the pain of loss felt by those who were close to the character that died. It does include death scenes, so obviously this video is full of spoilers! It is meant to be a very emotional video. If you consider it a tearjerker, I'll consider it a success. The first version of this had a lot of low-quality fansub footage, but in early 2006 I finally collected the DVDs I needed to make a revised version with high-quality subs-free material.

Includes clips from: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Cowboy Bebop, Fushigi Yuugi, Please Save My Earth, Serial Experiments Lain, Tenchi Muyo, Trigun, X: The Movie, YuYu Hakusho

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