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Cons! :D

Internet fandom is great, but there's nothing like geeking out with a few thousand people at a convention. Since I got out of college, got a real job, and was able to afford it, I've been going to as many conventions as I can squeeze out of my vacation time. I've made a habit of writing up a con report for each trip, and I've collected them all here for public reading, along with all the pictures I've taken. Most of these will be anime conventions, and additional reports will be added as I attend more cons.

These con reports are accounts of my personal experiences at these conventions. In them you will find the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am a nice person, and I am on staff at a convention myself so I know what it takes to run one of these events, but if something strikes me as being handled badly I will say so.

That being said, all conventions vary from year to year, so don't take these reports as the be-all end-all of which cons are good and bad. I write these mostly for my own memory and the amusement of my friends, and since I enjoy reading con reports myself, I've decided to make a website of these for anyone else who may enjoy them. :)

I currently have solid plans to attend:
  • Anime North 2008