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a Sailormoon fanfiction by Dejana Talis
-not to be used without permission-

Written for sm_monthly, March 2006 (Villains) Day Eight (Intoxication).

"Why her?"

It was a question he heard often, usually in more words. It had been asked numerous times in many different ways but always circled around the same theme. They were as different as night and day. Why had they ignored all the more likely suitors and chosen to love one another?

The answer was far more simple than anyone would have thought, although he rarely offered it. It was the fact she was so different that made her so attractive. He was a very serious man, and she was filled with so much joie de vivre that it bubbled out of her relentlessly. He focused always on the practical, and her attention was constantly on all things emotional. Together, they covered both sides of the sphere of life. Could there be any more powerful union?

Even their hair and eyes and choice of clothing illustrated their positions at opposite ends of the spectrum; she was the sunshine to his moonlight. It was as the moon that he was drawn to her. Even at his most uninhibited he could never hope to present a shadow of her glorious presence. Her charisma filled every room, her allure entranced all eyes that fell upon her. For this, his envy of her was equally as strong as his pride that she was his.

To all outsiders, he was the power in the relationship, the solid pillar of unshakeable strength upon which she supported her flighty fancies. Nothing could have been more wrong. When he was hanging on her arm, all stress and strife and worry melted away. All pressures of military and society alike faded from him. Her energy filled him from his head to his toes, and he felt as if he could take on the world. He needed no other assistance, no spirits to free his control, when she was with him.

She was intoxicating.

The End
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and its associated characters and canon are the property of Naoko Takeuchi and Kodansha.
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