AMV: "I Still Do" An anime music video made in celebration of the completion of "Against All Odds." Contains footage from the Sailormoon anime and several manga images. Set to I Still Do by the Cranberries.

Best Quality - AVI format, 66.1 MB
Low Quality - Windows Media format, 12.8 MB
YouTube - Online stream, view only

PDF eBooks Adobe Acrobat files containing the complete story, including page numbers and cover artwork for easy printing. Fits into a 1-inch 3-ring binder if printed using both sides of each page.

Cover A:
Cover B:

Story + Epilogue A (the "Mamoru" epilogue): [cover A] [cover B]
Story + Epilogue B (the "Usagi" epilogue): [cover A] [cover B]
Story + Both Epilogues: [cover A] [cover B]

Buttons and Icons Graphics based on, or inspired by, the story. Feel free to use these on other sites (no hotlinking please). The pink-tinted artwork was drawn by Dejana and is her exclusive property. Please do not take or use it, aside from the graphics below, without permission.

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