Aphrodite's Dilemma by Dejana This side story takes place during Chapter Eight, around the same time as the Sailor Mars scene. It details Sailor Venus' internal struggle to come to terms with the relationship between Serenity and Endymion.
Fanservice by Dejana This side story, an alternate version of the end of Chapter Four, is straight fanservice. It was written just for fun, as a treat for a certain fan of the main story.
Alternate Epilogue by Dejana This is an alternate epilogue I wrote as a lighter finale for the story. It describes the events Mamoru reflects on in the original epilogue, and is written from Usagi's point of view.
Author's Notes by Dejana These are the author's notes that originally appeared at the end of the Epilogue. They include answers to some questions commonly asked by readers, background information, and thanks.
The Super-Happy Ending by Ashaela This side story was written by my primary beta-reader, Ashaela. It is set after Chapter Six, and was written to give the fluff fans a super-happy alternate ending before things in the real story started going downhill.

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