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a Sailormoon fanfiction by Dejana Talis
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Written for sm_monthly, March 2006 (Villains) Day One (Rain).

It was raining.

Zoisite gritted his teeth. He hated the rain. With a gesture he strengthened the shield of energy that surrounded him, but the dampness in the air weighed down his clothes and frizzled his hair. What if Kunzite saw him like this before he had a chance to clean up?

Grumbling to himself, Zoisite glided over Juuban now in a throughly sour mood. It was all so unfair. Why did Queen Beryl have to take her frustrations out on him, and order Zoisite to locate his next target personally? He could be back in the Dark Kingdom right now, using his crystals to make what should have been a simple search.

Flying in the rain was no fun at all. Zoisite didn't want to be doing this. He would have pouted, but there was no one around to take pity on him. With a sullen scowl, he glided toward the ground and hovered beneath the overhang of a building. He would never lower himself to stand upon this filthy little planet, but at least here he could drop his energy shield without being rained on.

Disgusting rain. A man like Zoisite should be flying through clear skies, where the sunlight could make him sparkle, not slogging through the gloom of a storm! He couldn't go back to the Dark Kingdom without completing his mission, but he wasn't about to waste all his energy on an intangible umbrella when there was a chance the rain might let up soon.

The general drew back into the shadows as a young man in a raincoat walked by, a girl with curly brown hair hanging on his arm. The girl was protected from the weather by nothing but the pink umbrella she held in her free hand, but Zoisite had never seen a brighter smile. She practically skipped as her boyfriend led her down the street, there was such a bounce in her step.

The hiding general soured even further at the sight. Foolish girl. The rain would hopelessly tangle her hair. He leaned forward slightly, his hands tensing at his sides. With her energy, Zoisite could finish his mission and get out of here all the faster.

"Don't you just love the rain?" the brown-haired girl burst out, leaning on her boyfriend's shoulder. "It makes everything fresh and new again!"

...a new beginning, a fresh Eden, every time the rain falls...

Zoisite froze. So familiar... These memories... what?

The young couple walked on and passed out of the general's vision, but he was blind to them. The rain poured down around him, but he saw only sunshine, felt only a fresh breeze on his face. It was not true sunshine; it was dimmed, obscured by the clouds, and over there, a rainbow...

...and a young woman in a white dress standing beyond the boundaries of the marble pavilion, her short blue hair damp and clinging to her head, her face tilted upwards into the last few drops of rain.

...I do so love the's as if the heavens themselves were descending to embrace me...

Zoisite blinked, but the vision was still there. The woman turned, shining eyes leaving the skies to focus on him, their depths filled with tenderness and devotion and oh so much more...

She moved closer...the power in that gaze was immeasurable...

The power.

Power. Control. Deception. Betrayal. The bonds and shackles of a white orb that hung in the sky. The lies that fell from a woman's lips when she had secret selfish motives in mind.

The lies that had fallen from her lips.

The white-robed image cracked and shattered in the wake of Zoisite's defiant scream of rage and agony. She would have no more power over him! He had believed in her, when she was only manipulating him!


He pressed his hands to his head. He had sworn to forget. He had sworn never to trust like that again. He loved Kunzite.

Kunzite, Kunzite, Kunzite.

Long pale hair swept away the tuft of dampened blue. Smirking lips banished the rosy smile. Eyes with more secrets than Queen Beryl herself filled Zoisite's vision.

There was only Kunzite. No one else.

Zoisite straightened up, calmed himself. The memory - the illusion, the lie - that had attacked him so suddenly was vanquished. He had imagined that vision. There had never been any such person. He took a deep breath-

-and the dampness of the rain filled his lungs.

That scent...the freshness of a summer storm... the sweet perfume of her hair.

As if in a dream, Zoisite let the shield surrounding him fade away. The rain poured down, covering him, embracing him with its cool all-encompassing weight. He stepped away from the side of the building and turned his face toward the sky, closing his eyes against the kisses from heaven. Water soaked into his clothes, and it seemed to wash away the darkness within him as well as without. For the first time in countless years, he was a part of this world.

...a new beginning, a fresh Eden, every time the rain falls...

That past was no longer part of his present. Soon he would complete his mission and return to the Dark Kingdom as if nothing had happened. But right now, just for a moment...he wanted to feel fresh and new again.

The End
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and its associated characters and canon are the property of Naoko Takeuchi and Kodansha.
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